The Purveyor of Unique Handmade Furniture

          Bowr is furnishing redefined. Design centric handmade furniture that is made to order, comes with the option to customize to fit your unique taste and needs – this is what Bowr meets. We have a steadfast commitment to quality that is evident in every piece of each collection and bespoke pieces – right from the base frames to the upholstery materials made of a variety of fabrics and leathers.

          Bowr delivers straight from the source directly to your doorstep. Each furniture on Bowr is handmade in the craftsmen’s workshops using high quality raw materials transformed with traditional methods and techniques finished by hand. We adhere to the highest standards of quality at all times with Bowr Quality Assurance, never compromising simply to cut costs or time. Therefore results in tangible quality that ensures furniture that are beautiful investment pieces that lasts.

We pride ourselves on maintaining the largest variety of upholstery library, as well as an extensive quality range of fabrics and leathers made for upholstering. Our fabrics are sourced directly from top textile houses who we work closely with throughout the years.

Top quality, raw planks of wood are handpicked and sourced from the lumber yard by each of the head craftsmen. All of the natural manufacturing and framing materials used are sustainably sourced and have minimal environmental impact.

Quality stains are used in the wood finishing process to achieve our standard colours or match one of your requested samples. However, since wood is a natural product and slight colour variations may occur between samples and the finished product making each piece unique as with the nature of handmade furniture.

Bowr captures the essence of timeless furniture.

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