The Furnishing & Living Solution for Southeast Asia

What Are We

Bowr is the purveyor of unique artisanal furnishings. We connect homeowners, design professionals, and businesses seamlessly through our furnishing platform. Bowr is Thailand’s first dedicated furniture platform – a furniture startup based in Bangkok. Through innovation, we are changing the way furniture is being bought by simplifying the process of furnishing every home and making it beautiful. Because we believe that being surrounded by beauty, makes our soul that much more beautiful.


Our Story

The humble story of Bowr began with a couple needing to buy quality furniture for their home. Sounds simple? Not so. If you are living in a concentrated city like Bangkok, you will soon realize how something seemingly simple deems to be a challenge. Our pursuit of searching and finding beautifully-made furniture led us to start Bowr. We perceived and understood the need,  therefore we responded with creating an efficient furniture platform. With Bowr, we not only want our customers to simply purchase furniture, but to also understand  the beauty of how the furniture is made, the elements within, and the inspiring story behind its unique design and style. We want furniture shoppers to be enlightened shoppers, to be able to truly value and appreciate a beautiful piece of furniture.


How Do We Do It

We curate furniture by partnering and working together with independent furniture manufacturers and craftsmen. By doing so, Bowr is able to offer our customers premium quality furniture at ‘direct from the source’ prices – eliminating middlemen and expensively flashy showrooms. With technology and innovation, we have created the platform to not only simplify, but to support independent furniture manufacturers and brands with every step of the order process as well. Hence, we are able to deliver beautiful pieces of furniture directly to our discerning customers.


Why Do We Do It

We strongly believe in fairness and equality, by giving the avenue of choices we empower both independent furniture manufacturers and our customers. Bowr makes it possible for furniture makers to share the work of their hands to customers. At the same time, every home and business deserves quality, beautifully-made furniture at exceptional prices. Altogether, Bowr is simplifying furniture shopping and redefining how furniture is being bought online with an experience second to none. We want our customers to be able to have the liberty to comprehend and select the furniture that means greatly to them, and is exactly what they sought out for.

Our goal is to be the complete solution to each of your furnishing needs, whether a home or business – elevated and provided at the utmost quality.

“Buying furniture should be a treat and not a nightmare.”

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